+Food Presentation- Krispy Kreme doughnuts

Donuts and I have an amazing history; our history reaches back as far as the 6th grade. Every day from the 6th to the 12th grade I travelled 1.5 miles early morning to get the fresh batch of donuts. I knew early that there was something about the great taste of these dough made tasty goods. There was something magical that happened when I had a donut, the sweet and flaky tasty good had made an impact on me at an early age and right there that moment I became hooked. If there was a little rain, no problem I will catch the bus. I think it was safe to say I had an early on obsession with thing people call the donut. Krispy Kreme doughnuts were introduced to me at a young age and ever since I had those donuts I have always had a really good liking for them. I decided to share with the class these specific donuts because donuts are a food that makes me feel happy, or better yet something that I can look forward to at the start of end of each day.


Krispy Kreme was founded in Winston Salem North Carolina on July 13, 1937 by a man named Vernon Rudolph. It all ordinated in Paducah Kentucky with an 18 year boy named Vernon Rudolph and his uncle Ishmael Armstrong who owned a local small general store. During the great depression many businesses were closed down and many people were out of work. Unfortunately Vernon and his uncle Ishmael decided to move to Nashville Tennessee where they created “the Krispy Kreme donut company” and they did extremely well, and young Vernon eventually took off and ended up in North Carolina where the current Krispy Kreme headquarters are. I think it is interesting how one man’s vision and passion turned into one of the top doughnuts chains around the world. I admire the adversity that Vernon and his uncle had to overcome, moving not knowing how well the new business would do that took a chance, and because of that chance people all over the world can share his thoughts and feel his passion through these sweet tasty goods. The best part of these doughnuts are the fact that you can buy them hot fresh out the oven when the light is on. Hot Krispy Kreme doughnuts are the best things since sliced bread. Grateful that I was able to share a part of me through the expression of the types of foods I like to eat, it’s very powerful when you can relate to someone and not necessarily know too much able them. Food is everything.