+Food Presentation- Krispy Kreme doughnuts

Donuts and I have an amazing history; our history reaches back as far as the 6th grade. Every day from the 6th to the 12th grade I travelled 1.5 miles early morning to get the fresh batch of donuts. I knew early that there was something about the great taste of these dough made tasty goods. There was something magical that happened when I had a donut, the sweet and flaky tasty good had made an impact on me at an early age and right there that moment I became hooked. If there was a little rain, no problem I will catch the bus. I think it was safe to say I had an early on obsession with thing people call the donut. Krispy Kreme doughnuts were introduced to me at a young age and ever since I had those donuts I have always had a really good liking for them. I decided to share with the class these specific donuts because donuts are a food that makes me feel happy, or better yet something that I can look forward to at the start of end of each day.


Krispy Kreme was founded in Winston Salem North Carolina on July 13, 1937 by a man named Vernon Rudolph. It all ordinated in Paducah Kentucky with an 18 year boy named Vernon Rudolph and his uncle Ishmael Armstrong who owned a local small general store. During the great depression many businesses were closed down and many people were out of work. Unfortunately Vernon and his uncle Ishmael decided to move to Nashville Tennessee where they created “the Krispy Kreme donut company” and they did extremely well, and young Vernon eventually took off and ended up in North Carolina where the current Krispy Kreme headquarters are. I think it is interesting how one man’s vision and passion turned into one of the top doughnuts chains around the world. I admire the adversity that Vernon and his uncle had to overcome, moving not knowing how well the new business would do that took a chance, and because of that chance people all over the world can share his thoughts and feel his passion through these sweet tasty goods. The best part of these doughnuts are the fact that you can buy them hot fresh out the oven when the light is on. Hot Krispy Kreme doughnuts are the best things since sliced bread. Grateful that I was able to share a part of me through the expression of the types of foods I like to eat, it’s very powerful when you can relate to someone and not necessarily know too much able them. Food is everything.

For The Love Of Fried Chicken.

Food and culture always seems to bring people together, allowing those from the outside to gain an understanding and new perspective of how others live, what they eat, and where they come from. Growing up a mixed kid in Los Angeles and w living two different lives almost seemed to be the norm. with a Puerto Rican mother and a  black father at a young age I was able to obtain a certain perspective on the two different cultural backgrounds I come from. I always thought it was interesting to know that on my black side my grandmother loved to cook and she would make a number of traditional dishes, Chicken, collard greens, black eye peas, and mac & cheese just to name a few. I would then go to my Puerto Rican grandmother’s house and it was almost like a whole different world. Puerto Rican dishes are amazing, we ate things like plantains, arroz condules, and drank coquito. I have lived two different lives in a sense. I am very fortunate to come from different backgrounds.  I have always been able to connect and relate to different people mainly because we either came from similar backgrounds or ate similar foods and a lot of the times spoke the same language.


Though I come from two different backgrounds, I can say that I do have a specific dish that I call my very favorite. Fried chicken is one of the first dishes that I fell in love with as a child growing up, and it will always be one of my all-time favorites. Fried chicken gave my taste buds a flavor and fulfillment that I will continue to chase for the rest of my life. One of my first meals I learned how to make was fried chicken. Even though it is not a Puerto Rican dish, my mother learned to make it because the rest of the family loved it. sometimes I would watch my mother make this chicken in amazement, thinking to myself that I would most certainly use that specific recipe for myself and my future family someday. Fried chicken to me is one of those foods where once I see it, I instantly get excited because I just know this specific dish will be everything I could have imagined. Fried chicken is one of those visual foods that I can see even when it’s not around.


Fried chicken is one of my favorite foods and it is a food that most certainly makes me happy when i’m eating it, but most of all fried chickens significance in my life is its power in bring my family together with everyone looking forward to tasting the different versions of fried chicken that were made. The camaraderie of family and friends that one food can bring I think is simply amazing. It’s much bigger than just having some really great chicken which is always a plus in my books, but it’s the bringing of everyone to the table to eat as one family enjoying the moment together as one. I am now out of my mother’s house and every time I am thinking about making chicken or just cooking in general, it always reminds me of her taking the time after a long day to make sure we were fed and fed right. My mother made some great dishes but she knows the way to my heart, and every time I plan to see her or visit her she always has some sort of cake and some freshly cooked fried chicken. Food is for the soul, it can keep you happy and it can also comfort me when I am sad.

 The Scottish immigrated to the southern states within the United States and were one of the first to really start deep frying their chicken as stated by author Mike, Stalib. History of Fried Chicken & Spotlight of Chef duff Goldman. Some of the traditions go back to the earliest of the medieval era, when eating these great and amazing dishes was a luxury and many would have feasted as kings and queens. As slavery began to be a more common thing in the south, slaves were learning how to cook fried chicken, and the slaves would use a lot more seasonings in their foods, which enhanced southern fried chicken into what it is today. Chickens were the least expensive and were the easiest to raise and cook on the estates that they lived on with their owners, so frying and cooking chicken became a very traditional thing for special occasions throughout black communities as stated by Smokey, Fountain. ABrief History of Fried Chiken. That quote explains how black people used the only resources they had and perfected a dish to call their own. now it is a dish that is suitable to any household and that will bring a sense of comfort to those who reminisce on the good times.


I think it’s hilarious and at the same time offensive  to hear about stereotypes of fried chicken and how still to this day it is being associated with the black people in a negative way, when in fact it is a universal dish made with all kinds of different seasons from different cultures around the world.  They draw these funny looking pictures of black people with these big lips eating fried chicken and watermelon as though they have no manners and are just sloppy, inhumane people.  The main reason why blacks are associated with fried chicken and watermelon is, those are foods that you eat with your hands, and they become messy while eating them, giving off the image of dirty and no one respects anyone who is messy and dirty .According to Gene, Demby.. where Did That Fried Chicken Stereo Type Come From  there seems to be a very clear understanding that  racism and discrimination is  the backbone of these very ignorant thoughts.


Since southern fried chicken is such a universal dish. A recipe that I tend to follow on occasions is a recipe by Paula, Deen.. Southern Fried Chicken, Food Network.In order to recreate this tasty dish you will need: 3 eggs, 1/3 water, 2 cups of rising flour, seasons of your preference, and oil preferably peanut oil. You will then beat the eggs together in a medium size bowl along with water and hot sauce if you would like. You then put another bowl to the side and mix your flour and seasoning of your choice together. You will then dip your chicken into the egg and then into the flour. You should make sure your oil is at 350 degrees and ready for frying. Fry your chicken until it is golden brown and it will take up to10 minutes to complete. If it was up to me I would have someone make my fried chicken, but unfortunately in my adulthood I prefer to have my fried chicken a certain way, so I will go out of my way to satisfy those monthly cravings  of this chicken fix I have grown accustomed to needing.


Many people believe that eating fried chicken is bad for you because of the way it is cooked and prepared, which can be bad for the cholesterol and how it can clog your arteries and be bad for the heart. I have seen a few different opinions on the topic and I believe there are a lot of pros and cons. For example: as stated by author Jacqueline, Leo. Eat All of The Fried Chicken You Want  though many say that all of these bad things come associated with eating fried chicken such as, diabetes, high cholesterol and the clogging of your arteries, there has been many tests done and there is no actually evidence  or link that the two are related to one another.  On the other hand there are plenty of studies that say otherwise.  A serving of chicken is known to have extremely high cholesterol, the same as red meat and it can clog your arteries and very much cause heart disease says author Jill, Ettinger.. 8 Reasons Chicken Is Not a Healthy Food. I think it is a personal preference and I don’t think there is much of a problem as long as I’m eating in moderation and not soaking my chicken in flour or oil.

Throughout history and over the past years fried chicken has grown vastly in popularity and many businesses make a lot of money off of this popular style of meat. I sincerely believe that the United States has the best fried chicken. I have been through numerous of spots that sell fried chicken and I have always had a personal favorite of my own. After doing a lot of research,   I stumbled onto this spot called Honey Kettles in Culver City Ca that is definitely one of my favorite chicken spots in California. Honey kettle is in America’s top 21 fried chicken spots. Vincent Williams is the master chef at honey kettle and it is said that honey kettle makes million pieces of chicken a year; according to Kevin,Alexander. liz Childers. The 21 best fried chicken spots in a America, Vincent is arguably recognized as the best chef in America.,  I am not an expert myself but I do know what great fried chicken tastes  like and I will agree that this fried chicken spot is most certainly the best in California.


Fried chicken is such a popular global food for a lot of different reasons. The idea that chicken is cheap and easy to get a hold of, I believe is one of the main reasons people use it and make it. Around the world people are creating their own styles of the dish, it’s maturing in taste and flavor and there are many different batters being used to create the perfect fried chicken dishes in their country or region. Korean fried chicken is fried twice, making it twice as crunchy and less soaked in oil as much of Americas dishes also no flour is used to ensure there is a thin layer of crust. Emily,Warman.. Come Fry with me this shows that everyone wants to make the dish their own and when you come to their part of town you will want to taste something that is similar but at the same time very different. There are a lot of different foods people eat as side dishes along with their main dish of fried chicken. Some popular things that you may want to try with your fried chicken as stated by Jillian, King. Dishes to that Keep Fried Food Company. Collard greens, elbow mac and cheese, water melon salad and cheddar waffles. A few of those I have had myself but I also did not know there were some combos that would even go together.  Goes to say that food is what you make it, I don’t think there is a right or wrong way to do anything because we are always creating new things every day and have our individual preferences.

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m&m donut


Hi ,my name is lorenzo caldwell. i am from harbor city california, and i am currently attending california state university dominguez hill studying a major in IDS, with a concentration in american studies. i am a transfer student who has been out of college for quite some time and now i am returning to finish up my last year.

generally i am not big on sweets or candy in particular, “but when i do” i always love to get pastries like cupcakes, donuts, and cake! my food self for today is a donut that i sometimes get from california donuts which is pretty bomb i might say myself. usually i’m pretty conscious  about whats going in my body, but i do set and love those cheat days for myself. donuts simply put, are my cure for good and bad times.