Wait! before you roll your eyes…

My name is Melky Aleman.  I served as an active-duty Marine from 1998-2002.  In 2013 I obtained my Associate Degree in Sociology from East Los Angeles College.  Currently, I am a Senior at California State University Dominguez Hills and I will be graduating in May 2017.  I am proud to be a Labor Studies major.  Organized Labor has been at the forefront of all major social change in the United States.  In relation to this class, the poor (aka the laborer) is responsible for the world’s famous, and over priced, cuisine.  My goal in this class was to help everyone appreciate that.

I. love. to. cook.  I am the main meal-maker in the home.  I especially love to try new things and try to recreate them, at home.  My wife and I have three kids and so we are busy and on a budget.  Recreating restaurant quality food at home saves us a lot of money.  My favorite food this week, is the classic Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich.  But wait!  before you roll your eyes, picture this:  A classic PB & J, but once put together, cook it like you would a grilled cheese with butter.  Seriously, you will never look at another PB&J the same.  You are welcome.

My mother is from El Salvador, so I grew up eating all things Salvi.  Growing up in L.A. however, I was surrounded food from all over the planet.  I grew up in the mid-city area filled with Black Americans, Filipinos, Koreanos and all dark skinned folks from all Spanish speaking countries!  I married into a Mexican family and am still learning. My wife and I have ate our way through many countries on the planet.  Food is everything.


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