Reading Schedule

Schedule of Readings:

Week 1: Introduction – Defining Latino/a and Gothic literature

  • Handout – Gloria Anzaldúa: Borderlands poem
  • Maria Cristina Mena, “The Vine Leaf”
  • Jerrold E. Hogle, “Introduction: The Gothic in Western Culture” (CCGF)

Week 2: Race and the Gothic Abject

  • Calligraphy of the Witch
  • Allan Lloyd Smith, “What Is American Gothic?”

Week 3: Images of Women in Gothic Literature

  • Calligraphy of the Witch

Week 4: Defining Magical Realism Against the Gothic

  • Bless Me, Ultima

Week 5: Images of the Sacred and Profane

  • Bless Me, Ultima
  • Lucie Armitt, “The Magical Realism of the Contemporary Gothic”

Week 6: La Llorona in the Chicana Gothic

  • The Hungry Woman
  • Tanya González, “The (GOTHIC) Gift of Death in Cherríe Moraga’s The Hungry Woman: A Mexican Medea
[250 word research proposal and annotated bibliography for research paper due.]

Week 7: Haunted Children

  • Screen: Grimm – La Llorona

Week 8: Defining the Grotesque and Gothic Bodies

  • Gods Go Begging

Week 9: Dreams and Nightmares: War and the Gothic

  • Gods Go Begging
  • Steffen H. Hantke, “The Uses of the Fantastic and the Deferment of Closure in American Literature on the Vietnam War” PDF

Week 10: LA Gothic

  • Their Dogs Came With Them

Week 11: Urban Gothic

  • Their Dogs Came With Them
  •  [Class Presentation sign-ups]

Week 11: Gendered Grotesque

  • Their Dogs Came With Them

Week 13: Ghostly Curses

  • What You See in the Dark
  • Screen: Psycho

Week 14: Gothic Noir

  • What You See in the Dark
  • Charles Scruggs, “‘The Power of Blackness’: Film Noir and Its Critics”

Week 15: Class Presentations

[Essay Due]

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