Legends of Guatemala final-andrea and lily

For our final projects, we decided to document the gothic stories from Guatemala. We decided to use La LLorona’s stories as our foundation to our final project. When initially discussing our research project, we found similarities in the element of Gothic and our cultural Guatemalan legendary stories. Both our families have experienced supernatural elements from living in Guatemala. These stories have been around for many generations and have been passed on as the years go by. Throughout the video one can become aware of the legends of Guatemala.



The Dark Side Of Guatemala

Poverty in Guatemala

Poverty in Guatemala

Guatemalan Profile

Guatemala is a country full of corruption, it’s a place where many live in poverty, and very few live in wealth.

Imagine sitting in your car at a red light. The car on your right is a BMW, and the car on your left is so old and rusty you can’t distinguish its model. On one corner of the street you see a child dressed in raggedy clothes selling gum. On the other side of the street you see a mom with her on baby on her back walking up and down the street selling phone chargers.

In front of you, you see two kids. They are entertainers. One hops on the others shoulder and starts to juggle balls. You want to give them money, but the streets are so corrupt you know better not to roll down your window. Finally, you look in your rear-view mirror and you see an old man walking in between cars asking for money. His face caters pain. He his clothes have holes in them, and he walks with a limp.

As the light turns green, the city bus in front of you takes off. It dispenses black thick smoke. You are forced to turn off your AC because the smell of the smoke is too strong to bear.

Guatemala is divided by zones and each zone hold its reputation, rather poor of rich let it be know that every zone lives in corruption.

One minute you can be driving in a wealthy zone, and the other minute you can be driving in a rural and dangerous zone.

According to Cooperative for Education, in a population of 13.3 million people, 75% of rural Guatemala houses illiterate people. It estimates that 2 out 3 children live in poverty, and that an average family earns about $4 a day.

When it comes to education, experts say that, for every 10 students who begin first grade, only 3 students will continue to seventh grade. Out of those three students, only one student will complete tenth grade. Furthermore, only 36% of Guatemala will complete secondary school.

When it comes to health, 49% of children under the age of 5 are malnutrition.

Overall, 21.5% of Guatemala earns less than $1 a day, and 56.2% live below the country’s poverty line.

El Reporte Estadistico De Guatemala

Guatemala es un país lleno de corrupción, es un lugar donde muchos viven en la pobreza y muy pocos viven en abundancia.

Imagínese sentado en su carro en un semáforo en rojo. El carro a la derecha es un BMW y el auto a su izquierda es tan viejo y oxidado que no puedes distinguir su modelo. En una esquina de la calle ves a un niño vestido con ropa andrajosa vendiendo chicle. Al otro lado de la calle verás a una madre con su bebé en su espalda caminando por la calle vendiendo cargadores de teléfonos.

Delante de ti, ves a dos niños. Son animadores. Uno de los ninos se sube sobre los hombros y comienza a hacer malabares con pelotas. Quieres darles dinero, pero las calles son tan corruptas que sabes que es mejor no bajar la ventanilla. Finalmente, te ves en el espejo retrovisor y ves a un hombre caminando entre los autos pidiendo dinero. Su rostro es dolor, y su ropa tiene agujeros, y camina cojeando.

Cuand la luz se pone verde, el autobus que va enfrente de usted dispersa denso humo negro. El humo tan fuerte te obliga a apagar su aire acondicionado porque es demasiado fuerte como para soportar el olor del humo.

Guatemala está dividida por zonas y cada zona mantiene su reputación, pobre o rico Guatemala siempre ha sido un pais donde existe la corrupción.

Cuando manejas en Guatemala, en un minuto puedes estar manejando en una zona de suburbios y en el siguiente minuto puedes estar manejando en una zona de pobreza y alta criminalidad.

De acuerdo a la “Cooperativa de Educacion”, en una población de 13.3 millones de personas, el 75% de zonas rurales de Guatemala alberga a personas analfabetas. Se estima que 2 de 3 niños viven en la pobreza, y que una familia gana un promedio de cuatro dólares al día.

Cuando se trata de educación, los expertos dicen que, por cada 10 estudiantes que comienzan el primer grado, sólo 3 estudiantes continuara al séptimo grado. De esos tres estudiantes, sólo un estudiante completará el décimo grado. Además, sólo el 36% de Guatemala completan la escuela secundaria.

Cuando se trata de salud, 49% de los niños menores de 5 años estan en grado de desnutrición.

En general, 21.5% de Guatemala gana menos de $1 al día y 56.2% vive por debajo de la línea de pobreza del país.

El Cadejo Final Blog Post 3/3

El Cadejo

The legend of El Cadejo is a story told among the drunks and lowlifes of Guatemala.

According to legends in Guatemala, El Cadejo is a spooky animal that appears on out of nowhere. The most popular version of this animal is the black dog with red eyes like fire. It is believed that the dog cares for those who get drunk and roam the nights helping them find their way home or sleeping near them to prevent them mugged or beat.

One day, Juan Carlos, a 14 year old boy, decided it would be a bright idea to follow his older cousin to a poker game, even though he couldn’t go because he was too young. He caught up with his cousin Axel, who had practically raised Juan Carlos. Axel didn’t mind having his younger cousin around; he just didn’t want Juan Carlos to get into any trouble. They walked to their friend’s house and started playing poker. As the night went by, the boys were drinking and getting rowdy with each other. Axel told Juan Carlos to go home because he had school the next day. Sad and a little drunk, Juan Carlos left the house and started his journey home.

Shortly after, Axel started making his way home around 4 in the morning. When he got home, he realized his grandmother was sitting in the front porch with a belt in her hand. “Grandma! I’m 18! I can come home when I want!” Axel yelled at his grandma Ms. Panchita. Ms. Panchita was an old lady with grey hair and rough skin. She was infamous for being an old lady with a sailor’s mouth. “I don’t care about you s.o.b! Where is Juan Carlos?!” Ms. Panchita yelled. She had woken up when the dogs started barking due to Juan Carlos sneaking out.

Axel started to worry and didn’t want to tell his grandmother that he told Juan Carlos to walk home alone. He knew that the second he told his grandmother that he let his cousin drink, he would get hit with the belt. “I’ll go look for him grandma, don’t worry.” “Damn right you will, and when you bring him back I’m going to make you both remember to never wake me up in the middle of the night.” Axel grabbed his bike from inside the house and started riding back to his friend’s house.

When he got to his friends Gilmar’s house, he rushed inside hoping Juan Carlos would be there. Gilmar told Axel that he hadn’t seen his cousin since last night and offered his help to look for him. They both started thinking of places where Juan Carlos could have gone. After checking every possible road, Gilmar suggested they went behind the bad in town to see if he could have possibly gone there. They lived pretty far from the bar and didn’t see how it was possibly for Juan Carlos to get there but they went anyways.

When they got to the bar, they walked behind where all the men usually hung out after being kicked out for having one too many drinks. Axel and Gilmar were relieved and scared that they had found Juan Carlos. Juan Carlos was passed out with all the other drunks and was snuggled up next to a black dog. When they tried waking Juan Carlos up, the dog woke up and started growling at the boys. His red eyes beamed at Axel and Gilmar and his sharp teeth were all showing. Juan Carlos woke up and calmed the dog down and greeted his cousin and friend. “Hey! How did I get here?” When the dog noticed that the boys weren’t there to harm Juan Carlos, he stood up and walked away. Right before their eyes, the black dog disappeared into thin air.

“El Cadejo!” Gilmar shouted as he did the sign of the cross on his forehead. The boys had heard stories of the black dog and how he was the protector of the drunks. Juan Carlos remembered how he was walking home when a white dog appeared. Before Juan Carlos could get close to the white dog, the black dog approached him and started fighting the white dog. He explained how the black dog won the fight, and took Juan Carlos to a safe place to sleep. (the bar).

“Good thing he won.” Gilmar said. Axel asked why and Gilmar replied “The white dog is evil. He was taking Juan Carlos to his death.” Axel grabbed his cousin and dragged him all the way home. From that day on, he never left him alone.

El Cadejo

La leyenda de El Cadejo es una historia que se cuenta entre los borrachos y maleantes de Guatemala. Según las leyendas en Guatemala, El Cadejo es un animal misterioso que aparece en la nada. La versión más popular de este animal es un perro negro con los ojos rojos como el fuego. Se cree que el perro se preocupa por los que se embriagan y deambulan por las noches ayudándoles a encontrar su camino a casa o durmiendo cerca de ellos para evitar que los asalten o golpeen.

Un día, Juan Carlos, un niño de 14 años, decidió que sería una brillante idea de seguir a su primo mayor a un juego de cartas, a pesar de que no podía ir porque era demasiado joven. Él se encontró con su primo Axel, quien prácticamente había criado a Juan Carlos. Axel no le importaba tener su primo más joven alrededor, él simplemente no quería que Juan Carlos tuviera problemas. Caminaron hasta la casa de su amigo y empezaron a jugar cartas. Mientras la noche pasaba, los chicos estaban bebiendo y empezaron a pelar entre ellos mismos. Axel le dijo a Juan Carlos que se fuera a casa porque tenía la escuela al día siguiente. Triste y un poco bebido, Juan Carlos salió de la casa y comenzó su viaje a casa.

Poco después, Axel comenzó a hacer su camino a casa alrededor de las 4 de la mañana. Cuando llegó a casa, se dio cuenta que su abuela estaba sentada en el patio de en frente con un cinturón en la mano. “¡Abuela! ¡Tengo 18! Puedo volver a casa cuando quiera. “Axel le gritó a su abuela, la señora Panchita. Sra. Panchita era una anciana con el pelo gris y la piel áspera. Ella era famosa por ser una señora mayor con la boca de un marinero. “¡No me preocupo por ti hijo de tu madre! ¿Dónde está Juan Carlos?”, Gritó la Sra. Panchita. Ella se había despertado cuando los perros empezaron a ladrar cuando Juan Carlos salió a escondidas.

Axel comenzó a preocuparse y no quería decirle a su abuela que le dijo a Juan Carlos que caminara solo a casa. Sabía que el segundo que le digiera a su abuela para que deje a su primo beber, ella le iba pegar con el cinturón. “Voy a ir a buscarlo abuela, no te preocupes.” “Claro que sí vas a ir, y cuando usted lo traega de vuelta voy a hacer que ambos se recuerden de nunca despertarme a media noche.” Axel cogió su bicicleta desde el interior de la casa y comenzó a ir de nuevo a la casa de su amigo.

Cuando llegó a la casa de su amigo Gilmar, corrió a dentro de la casa con la esperanza de Juan Carlos iba a estar allí. Gilmar le dijo a Axel que él no había visto a su primo desde la noche anterior y le ofreció su ayuda para buscarlo. Los dos empezaron a pensar de los lugares donde Juan Carlos podría haber ido. Después de ir por todos los caminos posibles, Gilmar sugirió que fueran detrás de la cantina en la ciudad para ver si él podía haber ido allí. Ellos vivían bastante lejos de la cantina y no veían cómo era posible para Juan Carlos llegar allí, pero fueron de todos modos.

Cuando llegaron a la cantina, caminaron detrás de donde todos los hombres por lo general se iban después de tener demasiadas bebidas. Axel y Gilmar se sintieron aliviados y asustados que habían encontrado a Juan Carlos. Juan Carlos estaba durmiendo con todos los otros borrachos y se acurrucó al lado de un perro negro. Cuando intentaron despertar a Juan Carlos, el perro se despertó y empezó a gruñir a los chicos. Sus ojos rojos con fuego miraron a Axel y Gilmar y sus afilados dientes se estaban mostrando. Juan Carlos se despertó y tranquilizó al perro y saludó a su primo y amigo. “¡Hola! ¿Cómo llegué aquí? “Cuando el perro se dio cuenta de que los chicos no estaban allí para hacerle daño a Juan Carlos, él se puso de pie y se alejó. Justo delante de sus ojos, el perro negro se desapareció.

“¡El Cadejo!” Gilmar gritó mientras hacía la señal de la cruz en la frente. Los chicos habían oído historias del perro negro y cómo él era el protector de los borrachos. Juan Carlos recordó que cuando el estaba caminando para su casa un perro blanco apareció. Antes de que Juan Carlos podría acercarse al perro blanco, el perro negro se le acercó y comenzó a pelear con el perro blanco. Explicó cómo el perro negro ganó la pelea, y se llevó a Juan Carlos a un lugar seguro para dormir. (la cantina).

“Lo bueno es que él ganó.”, Dijo Gilmar. Axel le preguntó por qué y Gilmar respondió: “El perro blanco es malo. Estaba tomando Juan Carlos a su muerte.” Axel agarró su primo y lo arrastró todo el camino a casa. Desde ese día, nunca lo dejó solo.

La Llorona in Guatemala Final Blog Post 2/3

La LLorona in Guatemala

Guatemala, the home of urban legends. Where children are afraid to walk home at night, not because they fear they will get mugged, but because they know who is out there looking for them.

On a regular Saturday night, Jaime Pacheco was walking home from his friend’s house after a small get together. This was usual for Jaime. Every weekend he would go out with his buddies and stay out late gossiping and making jokes about the neighborhood. Jaime was always the butt of the joke because he didn’t drink or smoke like his friends. He had grown up in a very religious family that attended Sunday morning mass at 5:30 and went to rosary prayers every Monday and Wednesday night.

His friends never peer pressured him into drinking for they knew how strict Mrs. and Mr. Pacheco were and didn’t want Jaime to get into any trouble. They liked hanging out with Jaime because he always volunteered to walk everyone home when he saw that his friends were too drunk to walk alone. Also, Jaime had quite a mouth on him. If anyone tried to cause any trouble, Jaime would step in and protect his friends, but the fights would never escalate into anything physical. He was a true friend.

After walking all of his friends home that night, Jaime started his journey back home. The last friend he dropped off thanked him and with a drunken slur looked at Jaime and said “God be with you my friend, may La LLorna leave you alone tonight.”  Jaime walked by the same 10 blocks, the same old road and the same old houses on his way home. “I don’t give a damn.” Jaime said to himself as he walked alone. “I’m only afraid of my mother and God.”

As he approached his block Jaime started looking for the gate keys. The gate was tall and strong, so no one could ever break in, and it was almost nearly impossible to jump over the gate. Jaime knew this for sure because on many attempts he tried jumping over the gate and would always fail. As he opened the gate, he quietly closed it so he wouldn’t wake the neighbors and his family. He tiptoed down the path to his house, when suddenly he heard the water running in the bathrooms. His neighbors and his family shared a bathroom that was located outside their houses, and had an outside sink, where Jaime’s mom would wash the clothes by hand.

Jaime looked over by the sinks and noticed someone taking a shower by the sink. Puzzled, Jaime slowly approached the place and quickly realized it was his neighbor in a white dress, Ms. Estela quietly crying. “Sorry Ms. Estela, have a good night.” Jaime whispered. The person continued cry and wash their long beautiful dark hair and didn’t bother to look at Jaime. Again, he tried apologizing for being curious “Ms. Estela, good night.” The person dropped the bowl she was using to scoop up water and slowly started to turn to face Jaime. Terrified, he ran to his house and shut the door. It can’t be, he thought to himself.

The next morning, on his way to the bakery to buy fresh bread for his family, he noticed Ms. Estela sweeping the patio. “Good morning Ms. Estela!” Jaime shouted. “Good morning Jaimito, how nice of you to get breakfast for your family.” Ms. Estela told Jaime. “I’m sorry about last night, I didn’t know anyone would be up so late.” Jaime told Ms. Estela. Ms. Estela was confused about Jaime’s apology and asked him what he was talking about. “Ms. Estela…I walked in last night while you were showering, I tried to apologize to you.” Ms. Estela’s turned pale and started to pray. “No son, I was asleep. That was La Llorna. She visits homes to shower before she looks for her children. I heard her crying last night so I went to my comadre’s home to sleep.”

Unfortunately this wouldn’t be the only time Jaime would run into La Llorona. He continued to walk home alone after all the parties he would go to with his friends. Eventually, he bought a bike so he could get home faster. After a long night with his friends Jaime started to make his way back home. He jumped on his bike and started riding down the streets.

In Guatemala, there aren’t many street lights, so Jaime was riding down a few blacks in the pitch dark. He felt a cold shiver down his spine so he pulled over his hood and zipped up his jacket. As he was pedaling he felt as if someone were walking right behind him. Jaime didn’t want to look back, so he just kept pedaling faster and faster. Jaime was running out of breath as he pedaled faster. He refused to look back, but no matter how fast he was going, he still felt as if someone were following him and breathing on his back.

Jaime finally got to his house and he started banging on the gates. “Someone please let me in!” Jaime shouted. His sister finally came out and was furious at Jaime for banging on the gate late at night. “Where are your keys? I should make you sleep outside.” his sister said. Jaime started crying and banged on the gate some more until finally his sister opened the gate.

“Jaime!” his sister shouted. She pulled him in and slammed the gate, leaving his bike outside. La Llorona was following Jaime from his friend’s house all the way home. She was sitting on the back of his bike as he was riding home. When his sister opened the gate to let him in, La Llorona was standing behind him waiting to grab him.

La LLorona en Guatemala

Guatemala, el hogar de leyendas urbanas. En donde los niños tienen miedo de caminar a casa por la noche, no porque temen que sean asaltados sino porque saben quien está ahí fuera en busca de ellos.

En Sábado por la noche, Jaime Pacheco estaba caminando a casa desde la casa de su amigo después de una pequeña reunión. Esto era habitual para Jaime. Cada fin de semana salía con sus amigos y se quedaba hasta tarde chismeando y haciendo bromas sobre la vecindad. Jaime siempre era el protagonista de las broma porque él no bebía ni fumaba al igual que sus amigos. Había crecido en una familia muy religiosa que asistía la misa todos los domingos en la mañana a las 5:30 y a las oraciones del rosario cada noche Lunes y Miércoles.

Sus amigos nunca le ofrecían bebidas a Jaime, porque sabían lo estricto que la señora y el señor Pacheco eran y no querían que Jaime tuviera ningún problema. Les gustaban salir con Jaime porque siempre él se ofreció a caminar a todos a casa cuando sus amigos estaban demasiado borrachos para caminar solo. Además, Jaime tenía bastante con la boca en él. Si alguien trataba de causar problemas, Jaime intervenía y protegía a sus amigos, pero las peleas nunca degenerar en algo físico. Él era un amigo de verdad.

Después de caminar a todos sus amigos a casa esa noche, Jaime comenzó su viaje de regreso a casa. El último amigo que llevo a su casa le dio las gracias y con un una voz borracha miró a Jaime y le dijo: “Que Dios te acompañe mi amigo, y que La LLorna te deja en paz esta noche.” Jaime caminó por los mismos 10 bloques, el mismo viejo camino y el mismo casas antiguas en su camino a casa. “Me vale madre” Jaime dijo a sí mismo mientras caminaba solo. “Sólo tengo miedo de mi madre y de Dios.”

Cuando se acerco a su bloque Jaime comenzó a buscar las llaves del portón. El portón era alto y fuerte, por lo que nadie podía entrar, y era casi imposible de saltar por encima del portón. Jaime sabía a ciencia cierta, porque en muchos intentos intentó saltar por encima del portón y que siempre fallaba. Al abrir la puerta, él la cerró en silencio para no despertar a los vecinos y su familia. Salió de puntillas por el camino a su casa cuando de repente oyó correr el agua en los baños. Sus vecinos y su familia compartían un cuarto de baño que se encuentra fuera de sus casas, y tenía un lavabo afuera, donde la madre de Jaime lavaba la ropa a mano.

Jaime miró por los sumideros y se dio cuenta que alguien se estaba bañando por el lavabo. Desconcertado, Jaime se acercó poco a poco al lugar y rápidamente se dio cuenta de que era su vecino en un vestido blanco, la Sra. Estela en silencio llorando. “Lo siento Sra. Estela, tenga una buena noche.” Susurró Jaime. La persona continuó a lavar su largo y hermoso cabello oscuro y no se molestó en mirar a Jaime. Una vez más, trató de disculparse por la curiosidad “Sra. Estela, buenas noches. “La persona boto la taza que estaba usando para recoger el agua y poco a poco comenzó a girar para mirar a Jaime. Aterrorizado, corrió a su casa y cerró la puerta. No puede ser, pensó a sí mismo.

A la mañana siguiente, de camino a la panadería para comprar pan recién hecho a su familia, se encontró con la Sra. Estela barriendo el patio. “Buenos días Sra. Estela!” Jaime gritó. “Buenos días Jaimito, que bonito de ti para conseguir el desayuno para su familia.” Sra. Estela le dijo Jaime. “Siento lo de anoche, no sabia que alguien estaría despierto tan tarde.” Jaime le dijo la Sra. Estela. La Sra. Estela estaba confundida acerca de las disculpas de Jaime y le preguntó de qué estaba hablando. “Sr. Estela … entré anoche mientras se estaba bañando, traté de disculparme con usted.” Sr. Estela se puso pálida y comenzó a orar. “No hijo, yo estaba dormida. Eso fue La Llorna. Ella visita a los hogares para bañarse antes de que ella va a buscar a sus hijos. La oí llorar anoche, así que fui a casa de mi comadre a dormir.”

Desafortunada, esta no sería la única vez que Jaime se encontraría con La Llorona. Siguió caminando solo a casa después de que todas las fiesta que iba con sus amigos. Con el tiempo, se compró una bicicleta para que pudiera llegar a casa más rápido. Después de una larga noche con sus amigos, Jaime comenzó a hacer su camino de regreso a casa. Saltó en su bicicleta y empezó a andar por las calles.

En Guatemala, no hay muchas luces de la calle, y Jaime andaba en la oscuridad total. Sintió un escalofrío por la espalda y se puso su gorra y su chaqueta. Mientras pedaleaba se sentía como si alguien estuviera caminando justo detrás de él. Jaime no quiso mirar hacia atrás y siguió pedaleando más rápido y más rápido. Jaime se estaba quedando sin aliento mientras pedaleaba más rápido. Se negó a mirar hacia atrás, pero no importaba lo rápido que iba, él todavía se sentía como si alguien lo estuviera siguiendo y respirando en su espalda.

Jaime finalmente llegó a su casa y comenzó a golpear el portón. “Alguien por favor déjame entrar!” Jaime gritó. Su hermana, finalmente salió y estaba furioso con Jaime por los golpes en la portón de entrada la noche. “¿Dónde están las llaves? Debería de hacerte dormir a fuera.” Dijo su hermana. Jaime empezó a llorar y golpeó el portón un poco más, hasta que finalmente su hermana abrió la puerta.

“Jaime” su hermana gritó. Ella lo agarro y cerró el portón, dejando a su bicicleta afuera. La Llorona estaba siguiendo a Jaime desde la casa de su amigo hasta su casa. Ella estaba sentada en la parte trasera de su bicicleta cuando viajaba a casa. Cuando su hermana abrió la puerta para dejarlo entrar, La Llorona estaba de pie detrás de él esperando para agarrarlo.

History of Tikal Final Blog Post 1/3


Tikal is hidden in the city of Petén. It was the home to many Mayans before the Spanish conquered Guatemala. The Mayans were known to have human and animal sacrifices as part of their ceremonies. When the Spanish arrived, many were killed off in order to keep their lands. Not only were they killed while being under Spanish rule, but also many Mayans died at the hands of former Guatemalan dictator Efrain Rios Montt. Under Montt’s rule from 1982-83, 1,700 Mayans were killed, in what became to be known as the Guatemalan genocide during the civil war.

Tikal was abandoned for quite a time, and while no one lived there, the jungle slowly started to take over the place. The trees covered the pyramids and wildlife emerged to take over Tikal. The people that did remain in Tikal are ancestors of the Mayans and some are tour guides for tourists who visit Petén to learn about the pyramids and history. The tour guides tell stories of spirits that still roam the pyramids of Tikal. These spirits are the spirits of people that were sacrificed, were killed during the conquest, and the genocide. Some spirits are innocent and are not harmful. Others are vengeful and look for someone to take out their anger on.


Tikal está escondido en la ciudad de Petén. Fue el hogar de muchos mayas antes de que Guatemala fue conquistada por los españoles. Los mayas eran conocidos por tener los sacrificios humanos y de animales como parte de sus ceremonias. Cuando llegaron los españoles, muchos fueron asesinados fuera con el fin de mantener sus tierras. No sólo fueron asesinados mientras estando de bajo el dominio español, pero muchos mayas murieron a manos del ex dictador guatemalteco Efraín Ríos Montt. Bajo el gobierno de Montt desde 1982-83, 1700 mayas fueron asesinados, en lo que llegó a ser conocido como el genocidio de Guatemala durante la guerra civil.

Tikal fue abandonada por un buen tiempo, y la selva poco a poco comenzó a tomar el lugar. Los árboles cubrieron las pirámides y los animales salvajes aparecieron para ocupar más de Tikal. La gente que se quedó en Tikal son ancestros de los mayas y algunos son guías turísticos para los turistas que visitan Petén para conocer las pirámides y la historia. Los guías turísticos cuentan historias de espíritus que aún deambulan por las pirámides de Tikal. Estos espíritus son los espíritus de las personas que fueron sacrificados, fueron asesinados durante la conquista y el genocidio. Algunos espíritus son inocentes y no causan problemas. Otros son vengativos y buscan a alguien para sacar su ira contra.

¿Eres lo suficientemente valiente como para visitar Tikal y los espíritus?


Legend of Nahuales Final Post

In my previous blog posts, I have written about the legend of Nahuales in my parents’  hometown, Tuzantlan, Puebla, Mexico. However, this legend has been heard of in Puebla’s neighboring states such as Oaxaca and Mexico (state).  This legend is known across many regions in Mexico because the legend of the Nahuales has been around since the Pre Hispanic era. Many of Mexico’s ancient civilizations had Nahuales amongst their populations.

Mexico’s indigenous peoples believed in Nahuales or Nahualli which means, clothing of the skin (El Nahual). Nahuales were shamanes. It was believed that only if an individual got in touch with her/his spirit then she/he would be able to transform into animal form and  use her/his powers. These were magical powers which were believed would be able to heal members of the community. Nahuales were protected by Tezcatlipoca, god of war and sacrifice.

It is unknown what happens when a Nahual transforms from human to animal form. There are some theories that describe this. One of them is the following, “The person simply disappears and becomes the animal he/she desires. The shaman is able to transfer his/her consciousness into the animal form” (El Nahual).

In the Aztec world, Nahuales were seen as a good thing. It is good to keep in mind that in this culture, animals were very close to the Gods. An example of this would be the God Quetzalcoatl which is known as the plumed serpent. Animals have a very significant role in myths such as the creation stories and the creation of elements such as fire and wind.

It is hard to know an exact version of the legend of the Nahuales because they are different depending on the region where it is heard. I also had a difficult time finding information about the Nahual online. Because of this, I used a website written in Spanish. Even in Spanish it was hard to find information. When I travel to Mexico I would like to explore the Legend of the Nahual even further.

“El Nahual.” Web log post. Escalofrio. Web. 30 Apr. 2014. <http://www.escalofrio.com/n/Hombres_Lobo/El_Nahual/El_Nahual.php>.

The Legend of Nahuales in Tuzantlán Part 1

The Legend of Nahuales in Tuzantlán, Part 2

La Llorona – Final Project Reflection and links

My blog posts focused mainly on La llorona, like many others, however, I decided to focus more on modern views of La Llorona in television and film. I chose to focus on La Llorona because growing up I can remember my parents scaring me into not being up or out too late or la llorona would come and get me. I can also remember all the stories I’ve heard from relatives that live in very small towns (pueblos) that have experienced some sort of supernatural encounter (hearing la llorona, seeing a woman by a river, etc,.) I also wanted to look back on the novels that we read throughout the semester and attempt to identify a figure that relates to the concept that is la llorona. In my first post, I looked at comparing and contrasting two shows that deal with other-worldly beings and folklore, Supernatural and Grimm. For my second blog post I went through the blog posts of my classmates and lecture notes, as well as re-read the course books again in order to identify certain scenes or characters from the books that resembled the story of la llorona. In my final post, I summarize, review, and analyze the film, “Her Cry: La Llorona Investigation.” A film I was made aware about by Dr. Perez.


(Post 1 of 3) Comparing and Contrasting La llorona in Supernatural and Grimm 

(Post 2 of 3) La llorona as seen in many of the course readings

(Post 3 of 3) “Her Cry: La Llorona Investigation” Synopsis, Anlysis, and Review 

“Her Cry: La Llorona Investigation” FILM summary/review (Part 3 of 3)

Synopsis, Review, and Analysis of “Her Cry: La Llorona Investigation”




I selected this film to watch and review because Dr. Perez recommended it as an option for a recent interpretation of la llorona in a film, and also because I enjoy horror movies, so I thought that this film would be a good selection for satisfying both the project and my intrigue at the same time.


The film “Her Cry” is centered around a group of paranormal investigators that receive a supposed letter from the father of a father who is seeking assistance with his daughter, who, according to the letter, is possessed. The film commences with a woman, Tina, following orders in envelopes left by her sorority with instructions of how to join them. She ends up being led to the woods where she has to say “ Maria, quiero ayudar a encontrar tus ninos,” which she then hears a woman crying, and then into a house where she hears a woman again and is then attacked by the a woman in white and apparently killed. The team of three sent to investigate the daughter’s being three years later, consisting of James (lead investigator), Brian (producer and cameraman) and Andrea (new member) arrive at a house where Tina has supposedly been locked away for three years by her father.  The three of them are curious to see if Tina really is still in the room so they open the door to check and she shuts it closed really hard and fast. They begin to wonder what exactly is going on in the house so they do perimeter checks while Andrea sleeps on the couch. A shadowed figure appears next to Andrea, the lights go out, and Andrea is carried to the room somehow, only to awaken in hysterical screams. James contacts Father Albert, a priest who had assisted in a prior case, to come and discuss the matters occurring in the home. Father Albert tells the three investigators that they’ve stumbled onto something very dangerous and that they should leave. Father Albert says that the house, and all the surrounding land, is a well-documented witch sanctuary. He goes on to explain that Tina’s father brought Tina’s body back to the house to try and resurrect her, and that he had died several months earlier, about around the time he sent the letter to James.  The witches gather and give a sacrifice to la llorona. Then, out of nowhere, the father begins to attempt exorcizing Andrea and she begins freaking out and screaming, and that shocks Brian and James so they throw the father out of the house. According to my understanding, the witches gather to pray to la llorona and protect her, while also giving her sacrifices, which is why the sorority sister sent Tina there (the sorority sister was a witch). Brian (the producer) decides to walk outside to get some air and runs into Andrea, but at the same time inside the house, a ghostly fake Andrea is teasing and leading James on to have sex. When Andrea and Brian walk in the room, James is confused as to how she had been outside the whole time and questions the things the house is doing to his mind. The investigators decide to de a séance to help assess the situation and conclusively determine that there is no llorona present and that it is just a big hoax. After completing the séance, something happens to Andrea and she begins attacking both Brian and James, to which they run outside and begin running towards the creek. When they arrive at the creek, James tells Brian that la llorona needs a sacrifice and so he kills Brian. James then begins to push the body in to the river as a sacrifice for la llorona so he could catch her on film and receive glory for his footage, but then something pulls James into the river and kills him. The final scene shows the woman in white say “mis hijos” and grabs Brian’s body and drags it with her into the river.



This film was definitely an interesting take on la llorona, especially because they decided to incorporate religious affiliations like exorcisms, and also witchcraft, with an already supernatural and gothic story. One thing that was extremely bad, however, was the acting. Even for a found footage film, the acting was terribly unbelievable and bland. Every line was a pain. I think the acting was scarier to watch than the actual content dealing with La llorona. This is obviously a modern look on a story that has been told countless times in multiple languages and regions. I do believe that the movie focused too heavily on what was happening with Tina in the house far too much in comparison to actually talking about la llorona, which is ironic considering the movie is entitled “La Llorona investigation.” Furthermore, the woman in white only appeared maybe six or seven times, which was enough to notice it was la llorona, but not enough to actually portray her as the center of what was occurring. Overall, it ended up feeling like another typical found footage exorcism film. I will give credit to the cinematographer for having good camera angles and setups, because that did help convey a more gothic and supernatural tone. I believe that it was an ideal choice to make a version of la llorona into a found footage film because it adds a bit of realism to the tale. Had the film been a typically shot film, it would have felt fake to begin with, but since most Hispanic people can recount at one time or another of people telling them they say a woman in white or heard her calling, shooting it in this format makes it seem like something more plausible (though of course still false). I definitely thought back on the times my uncles or aunts from Mexico have told me about certain experiences with hearing a woman crying down by a river, and watching this film, being found footage, definitely intrigued me more.


To conclude, I would recommend this film only to people that are curious to see a different take on the story of la llorona, but I do warn that the acting is extremely bad and that if you can get past that, and the at times complex set up of the plot, then it could be a somewhat bearable and even mildly entertaining film.

La Virgen de Guadalupe – Final Reflection and Links to 3 Blog Posts

I originally began this project thinking I was going to my project on La Llorona but because so many people in the class were dealing with this topic I decide to change my topic last minute and choose to work with tattoos as an element of the Chicano Gothic. The more I researched I was able to find interesting sources that somewhat blended together. So in the end, my posts were less about tattoos and more about the mentality of those who do get tattooed. I then noticed that the tattoos tended to invoke very strong machismo roots, so I thought it fitting to add artwork from a feminist perspective to bring my project full circle.