Impact of the draft on Turtle and Luiz Lil Lizard within Their Dogs Came With Them

( Within Their Dogs Came With Them there is a constant recurring motif of isolation throughout the novel amongst all characters and situations. Segregation of communities created by the freeways and helicopters, the loss of parents, siblings, and friends is … Continue reading

Final Project: A Short Story Inspired by “The Vine Leaf” From Painter’s Perspective [Part I of IV]

Hello class! Here’s a link to the blog I’ve created for this project: In this post I briefly introduced Mena since sadly not many people have heard of her. Also I included the first part of the short story … Continue reading

La Llorona in Juvenile Hall

Whereas many perceive La Llorona, the story of the Weeping Woman, as an old and somewhat outdated short, mythical story, scholar Bess Hawes illuminates newfound evidence that suggests the contrary. Examining Hawes’ La Llorona in Juvenile Hall, we are able to … Continue reading

A Different Interpretation: The Abject and the Uncanny

  As I always defined “uncanny” to myself as mysterious or out of the ordinary, after doing some research I have found a perspective that is more relevant to our class discussions, especially with regards to traditional gothic motifs. In … Continue reading

Infanticide: Insanity or Self-defense?

When first reading The Hungry Women, and Medea’s character, we are quick to judge that Medea is simply an unstable, delirious mother who ultimately kills her son out of anger and abnormal psychological behavior toward her ex-husband. As infanticide seems … Continue reading