Cathy Ashworth’s Chicana Gothic Art

My project is a tumblr centered around Cathy Ashworth’s Chicana Gothic Art. Her art consist of different five categories: “Undead Girls,” “DeadGirls,“Skeletons,” “Frida,” and “Hearts.” Each category has its own history and story, though every category is influences by the holiday Dia de los Muertos in some way. My tumbler boast some of her paintings from each category and background information about them, which can be read about through each of the links included on this blog. An interview is also included to gain a better perspective on her inspiration.


I decided to do my project on Cathy because I have always been a huge fan of her work. Her paintings are simply gorgeous. The paintings included on the blog do not do her portraits any justice when you see them in person. I also decided to do my project on Cathy’s art because it is sold in friends’ shop at the Placita Olvera Street where I grew up. I discuss each painting that is posted on Tumbler by giving historical or contextual background and my personal opinion. What is most unique about my Tumbler, and Cathy’s work, is its bright and colorful tribute to women as powerful and honorable beings. Though her work is very gothic, uncanny, and abject, it still brings forth an element of hope and truth.


Creating this project as well as participating in this class was both interesting and unusual to me because I have never experienced something as both Chicano, and Gothic. Much of the gothic elements we discussed in class, as well as in my tumblr, from my perspective are simply apart of the culture. For example, Dia de los Muertos is not gothic to me. It is just a holiday that is a part of my culture. Stepping outside my own perspective, and learning to navigate my ideas from a new viewpoint was both a challenge and a task; but I am grateful for the new perspective I have own my culture.

(By Melinda Gomez – posted by Dr. Perez due to corruption)

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