Legend of Nahuales – blog post

When I first thought about ideas for this project, I planned on doing it on La Llorona. I realized that a lot of my classmates were going to do their project on La Llorona so, I decided to do something similar to La Llorona. My next idea was to work on three different legend heard in Mexico and focus on one of the on each blog post. I asked my parents if there was a legend that they heard about in their pueblo back in Mexico. When my parents started telling me about the legend of Nahuales, I was amazed. The material was so much that I decided to focus only on that legend. It was shocking to learn that side of the town that I have been to multiple times. What was the most intriguing was to learn that I had family members that were Nahuales! It was also sad that a Nahual caused so much pain to my family.

The Legend of Nahuales in Tuzantlán Part 1

The Legend of Nahuales in Tuzantlán, Part 2

Legend of Nahuales Final Post

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