Week 3: Seeker post


a-cI wanted to connect this article I found called, “Queer in Aztlan provides a blueprint for Latinos” by Alex Zaragoza, to Cherrie Moraga’s story in the video, “A Crushing Love”. Alex Zaragoza talks about Girban Guido, a 29 year old Mexican-American. Guido is a doctoral student at UCSD. Guido was a child of a single mother and he always questioned his sexuality. Being Mexican-American gay man has being a struggle because “it comes with a lot of pressure” (Zaragoza, Web) describes Alex Zaragoza. Zaragoza goes on to say that gay men get devalued and downgraded in Mexican culture. ” Güido writes: “Needless to say, I was scared of being disowned and kicked out of my house. I didn’t know how to really understand this, especially because I was a Mexican male who was raised and supported by my family. One important cultural understanding in being Mexican is that one’s family is everything. Without my family, what would I have? I also questioned if my pursuit of an individual sexual identity was worth the price of losing my family” (Guido, Web). This connects to Cherrie Moraga in “A Crushing Love” and how she felt pressured about her sexuality and coming out to her family. She felt like her mother was not going to accept her due to her family being very religious and being catholics. For catholics, being “Lesbian/Gay/Bi/Trans” was a major issue and was not accepted. Cherrie talks about how she was scared that she was going to lose her mom because she was “fiercely judgmental”. Cherrie stated that her coming out and “enfrentar la” (confront her) required a lot of courage because her mother was a woman of strong power. These two individuals share the same conflict in their Mexican family cultures due to their values and morals.

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