Response: Group #2 Machismo within our culture

In response to the poem “Machismo is part of our culture” by Marcela Christine Lucero-Trujill, i agree with you and the author in “machismo” is indeed an upbringing that has been in bedded into our culture to seem like a norm.

for example, I grew up in a home with my mother as a single parent. She played dual role, she was the bread winner and also the one to cook, clean and wipe tears away. Although, i grew up with 3 older brothers, they always stepped up to help my mother. We would help cook, clean, and when we were old enough we got jobs to help out economically. I believe that thanks to our mother and the way she raised us, i never experienced “machismo.” but that doesn’t mean i never witnessed it. My best friend is an immigrant from mexico and she arrived here when she was 4 years old. I have personally witnessed in her house hold that they expect for her to clean and cook along side her mother because according to her mother and father  “when you get older your going to do the same for your husband.” I’ve seen her struggle with this because she has 3 brothers who are not expected to help like she does. She does stand up for herself but they see it as her being rebellious. Take it now both our families are from Mexico, but im missing a father. Is the up bringing of “machismo” in bedded into men? women? or we as a culture? i think that my family is evidence, we can change and eventually eliminate “machismo” in our culture. Its important to treat each other as equal and with respect because that highly influences how we become as a person later in life. I am married and my husband and I both share equal weight and the relationship couldn’t be happier.