November 3 – It’s #DigiWriMo!

Late to the party…

November is Digital Writing Month, which you can read all about at the website.   Lots of great people are doing lots of amazing and innovative things.  However, this people (me!) is going to work on updating this blog with a few goals.

  • Run all the updates needed on WordPress for the sites’ themes DONE!
  • (possibly) Move my site over to my new domain, at ReclaimHosting.
  • Update site information.
  • Redecorate here — the place is looking kinda dated
  • Blog some content

I’d say “watch this space,” but honestly you’d need to be pretty bored.

2 thoughts on “November 3 – It’s #DigiWriMo!

  1. I am not sure if you mean redecorate here as in the blog or not 🙂 but if it is I hope you enjoy it. Coincidentally that’s what I spent my time doing today instead of blogging.. not a fan of writing (yet)? so I get distracted easily.

    As for the Watch this space part, I will but out of curiosity and interest not boredom. I am enjoying “being the audience I want to have”

    happy DigiWriMo 🙂

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