Thursday Morning at NACCS

I’ve spent the morning giving my talk –which I’m going to post here as soon as I figure out how to put it up– and attending sessions at NACCS.  My first response to my first experience attending this conference is WOW — there are a lot of Chicanos and Chicanas here.  Everyone is friendly and have been nothing but supportive, interested and above all enthusiastic.  There’s a lot of celebration and old friends meeting, but a great deal of concern about the attacks on ethnic studies, especially those under way in Arizona.

I’m taking a break to get a little food and to blog about this presentation before I stop being able to read my notes.

I tried to tweet the sessions but (so far anyway) I haven’t been able to get onto wifi at the hotel I have just been given wifi access so my tweeting has been was limited to what I can do on my phone.  This was less than successful — I type too slow on it to really be able to keep up, plus my battery bit it half way through the second session.

The second session was a great presentation called “Chicana/a Archives and the Chicano Movement: A Discussion” by Southern California archivists working on building or maintaining university archives on Chicano/a history and community.

Even before the discussion started, they shared a link to a great resource — a picture archive on farmworker history called The Farmworker Movement Documentation Project.   It has a great  digital archive of documents and photo resources.

Richard Griswold del Castillo started the discussion by stating the importance of archives to the Chicano/a community.  He named some — Bancroft and the Chicano/a collection at UC Berkeley, UCLA’s Chicano Studies Research Center, the art collection at UC Santa Barbara, Chicano Archive University of Texas at Austin, and the Chicano collection at Stanford. Big universities have built collections, he explained. State universities are seen as not having the resources, librarians and policies that put value on collection.  This is political too as what’s collected reflects the values of the system that collects it.

Discussed the need that caused the Chicana and Chicano Archive at SDSU.  It’s a community based archive focusing on the Chicano/a Movement / Struggle 1960s to present in the San Diego – Tijuana region.  Also a specific focus on the contributions of Chicanas to the Chicano movement.

What they collect:

  • videos & films (including an amazing home video on the building of Chicano Park)
  • photographs
  • computer files
  • manuscripts
  • rare and old newspapers
  • handwritten notes
  • oral histories
  • Chicano Studies department history

Rita Sanchez added that it’s important to understand people and their families’ emotional attachment to their papers, posters and photographs.  Yet the building of the archive connected community to the university — lots of people from off-campus attended events.

Their plan is now to take the opening exhibit back to Logan Barrio.

Rita Sanchez went on talk about the importance of the archive and of archiving.  That people’s minds need to be changed about its importance. Items get lost and stolen or rained on and she urged the audience to contribute their papers and record their presentations.  She also suggested making history by keeping a journal of day to day life and struggle — these control how the history gets written.  The archive can be open or it can be controlled — history can be taken away.

Lizette Guerra, archivist for UCLA’s CRSC discussed memory and the nature of remembering, asking what do we remember and what do we forget, what biases are transmitted through selection of memories.  The effects whose story gets told and how, especially in underserved and represented communities.  Community archives creates and preserves community memory.

She outlined CRSC initiatives which include:

  • photo documentation project
  • post WW2 initiatives
  • LGBT and Mujeres initiatives
  • Latino art and artist survey – art in Los Angeles.  (these are oral histories)

She and the CRSC are advocates for the creation of archival spaces and community — “Everyone is a Lincoln.” ~ Yolanda Retter Vargas

“You don’t have to donate to me, but donate somewhere.”

The last presentation was by Romelia Salinas about a very new project the East Los Angeles Archive, which is housed at CSULA .

Proposes to cover:

  • East LA Blowouts
  • CSULA student movement
  • Brown Berets
  • Chicano anti war movement

About the community, keeping it in the community — with East LA an expression of community not geography.

Proposes to serve:

  • primary source research collection with emphasis on Chicano Movement
  • national and international resource
  • further connection of CSULA with local community
  • enhance the recruitment of faculty and students with scholarly interest in subject.

First donation: Gloria Arellanes Papers.  Held reception with lots of off campus people attending, good publicity and undergraduates already using papers as part of a class.

Question: How do undergraduates use papers? Answer: Griswald del Castillo– has them write a five page paper using only the materials they locate in the archive.

My thoughts: Amazing presentation.  And when I talked with Lizette afterwards, she invited me to archive a copy of my dissertation at the CRSC — I was stunned speechless, honored and of course I’m going to!


Thursday Morning at NACCS — 7 Comments

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    Goal is simple, you would like tthe people think that you are filled with confidence.
    To lighten the moment, yoou could crack a joke or
    two about a girl who created a mockery of herself byy dressing iin similar way.
    If I were a stop light, I’d turn red every time you passed by, just so I could stare at you a bit longer.
    Hey, do you have email?

    Give her hand a firm, butt not bone-crushing, grasp.
    If you are stressed out about it, your flirting will seem fake and forced and neither
    one of you will ejoy it. These are some of the steps.

    After all, you never know the resultt may fill
    your offline life with a great joy, excitement and fun. Here is an example:
    look in the mirror every morning before you step outside, and teell yourself that yoou are a great guy.

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  6. Have your pooch “sit” and wait before meals are
    placed on the floor, and release with a command. This can be avoided by working during the days where no races are to be held.
    Reinforces to use: Toyys are the number one way to train dogs they produce highly motivated and highly obedient dog.

    Training your dog is not as difficult as you may think if you use Secrets to Doog Training.
    Using clicker training methods, you will have your dog dancing in no time.Mosst of these
    dog whistles are ideally one inch or less.

    3 Signs Your Dogg Newds to Poop There are signs and signals tto look outt
    for that will clue you in on when your puppy wants to poop.
    If you want your dog to respohd to thee sound you have
    to provide the appropriate training. If your dog perceives training as fun, he
    will listen to you more! This can rtain you as well as your pupy from
    becoming frustrated or angry. With numerous choices of practical items,
    owners wioth puppies ccan find everything required for
    a dog’s handling. The remaining 16dogs had been kept as a strategic reserve, to meet any unforeseen eventualities.

    It musat be kept in mind tuat raining dogs for hunting is not a temporary task and requires a consistent approach.
    It sounds strange, but dogs truly are ever-increasing parts of society,
    especially with dog parks, doggie dates, doggie daycare and other deffined socialization opportunities.Most
    people will teach their dogs the basics like sit, stay and
    house-training. Treat him on hiis good dog behavior. It should not come upon someone as the most diligent and difficult
    task. Nashville Dog Obedience Training includes training dogs simple behaviors like sit,
    down, stay, recall, and heel. More Training Serets
    As you train your pet, keep in mind that Jack Russellls are easily distracted.

    It can never be expected thhe otherr way round.
    Repeatkng tthe same activity several times will help tthe dog to remember iit
    well, and do what is needed if a particular command is given or a
    situation arises. this will teach your dog not to bite the hand that
    feeds him (or anyone else’s hand). If you start getting
    caugfht up in the competition and title-winning, you might forget why
    you started agility to begin with: because it’s fun! A dog has always been regwrded as a human’s best friend.
    The mst effective way to accomplish this is to begin righ in on obedience training aas soon as your dog is introduced inbto
    the home.

    Secondly, in case your dog physically attacks another human being or someone’s pet, you will be
    held responsible for the damage and will incur fine aand legal warnings.
    Sampling behavioural problems from their roots and making changes with consequences.
    Reward your dog if itt does not tug on the leash. Trainming
    the dog to sit or stand or wait or even do
    tricks is much easier when you are the one to set his food in front of him.
    You want tyem to know exactly what you want them to do without any question.

    If the canine begins to panic or turns into excessively loud just after staying shocked, then the possikbilities are you
    have the shock stage up to very much. Use training method
    thqt suits the breed perfectly. Never underestimate the significance of
    commands while training your dog. Follow these guidelines to teach your dog how
    to be friendly and like new people. This will prove useful inn situations like when the owner iss unconscious or unaware of
    danger. The traits of a dominant dog are as follows: Refusal to obeey instructions
    and commands Hard to control even when leashed Attempts tto harm family
    members Is unnecessarily aggressive around strangers and other dogs Extremely difficult to retrieve objects from
    him/her without being bitten In case you spot this kind of behavior in your ppet dog,
    it is time to become more attentive to his/her training.

    Finally, be patient and realistic when dog training and enjjoy yoyr time together because that iis the entire
    point of having a pet. They are also suitable to be trained as watchdogs due to their alert and watchful nature.
    Step 3 This now involves a person at the door.
    Also, when teething the puppy may gget the urge to
    bite a lot. That helps tthe dog associate the command with
    the behavior. These tips will surely guiode you in achieving your dream of haging a skilled, submissive dog.

    Otherwise, how will you be ready to habitually complete many different labrador
    training routines? It must nott incorporate something which has anything to ddo with breaking the dog’s spirit.
    It is challenging tto stop this sort oof behavior. A dog that has little or
    no motivation to work will bee veery slow and de-motivated making any training extremely difficult.
    However, there aree som measures which can be taken by you, in order to heelp your dog save you from harm.
    Then only, training a puppy or a dog will be
    rewarding and successful.

    and finish with “are you tired” from all of these tricks, which your dog
    will inevitably yaen in approval. To become a police
    officer dog handler is one of the most exciting and challenging police joobs that an individual can undertake as part
    of police recruitment. Temperament Thesee dogs know noo fear.
    As pets necessitate good attention, having the best items is very important.
    It’s importgant to familiarize your puppy with
    basic commands like sit, stay, down, come
    and heel in order to hzve a well behaved puppy.

    However, they aree smart dogs and will understand your commaands quickly.
    Switching from crate training to paper training can be confusing.
    More importantly, when yyour rotweiller puppy grows
    bigger than you are, it won’t drag you out intto heavy
    traffic. Even dishes for puppies can bee neat
    and interesting. Let your dog trace the dummy through its scent and get it back
    without picking up the decoys. The best way to do this is to actually do it with
    several othjer trickks so that it looks more like a performance.

    Different animal bbehaviorists wikl have unique approaches and methodologies regardung instruction and discipline and you need to ensure
    that you’re in agreement with these prior to introducing them to yoyr dog.
    Training your dog creates a strong human-dog relationship based on trust,
    cooperation and well defined roles. Their particular intelligence maes
    them wonderful to woek with and straightforward to train if
    you’re sure of what you aare doing. As this is very hard for him to digest, it will stop
    him from biting you the next time. Playing fetch is
    safe, although you must anticipate your pet’s mood and make sure that you are
    the one to both, initiate andd finish the game.
    Thiis relationship is an important step because it builds
    trust between the owner and the dog.

    Good luck and happy shopping! Invite friends oger to your home in order
    to give your dog someone to practice on. Thhey are extremely devoted and loyal, and bond strongly with the family, which makes
    them wonderful pets.

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